Ascorbyl Phosphate is the more stable marketed version of Vitamin C. Since vitamin C has a very short shelf life it can’t be used in skin care products and adding it to any skin care product causes the product to rot away very quickly before it can even be used. This is why it’s stabilized in the form of small crystals that can be marketed known as Ascorbyl Phosphate. But why are vitamin C and Ascorbyl Phosphate important? This is because vitamin C nourishes, protects, brightens your skin tone and protects from harmful UV rays from the sun. Even though we can’t produce it our self it is still essential for human beings for uncountable purposes, thus we have to eat it, breathe it through the air or as in the case of skin care apply it on our skin.

It’s effectiveness in the skin care industry is in the form of a nourisher that greatly revitalizes the epidermis. It has over 300 uses in the body that we know off but due to it being extremely unstable in its raw form. After realizing the skin care qualities vitamin C had to offer the top cosmetic companies in the world got together and made a much more stable version of Vitamin C that had a reasonable shelf life and called it Ascorbyl Phosphate by turning it into a crystalized salt while retaining its antioxidant capabilities. The effects of Ascorbyl Phosphate on your skin are phenomenal to say the least. As soon as it’s applied on the skin the enzymes from your skin start breaking it down into pure vitamin C that goes deep down till the dermis rejuvenating the skin efficiently.

All of Skin Deva’s anti – aging products like Skin Deva Skincare Serum and Skin Deva Skincare Prep and Tone  contains a fair amount of Ascorbyl Phosphate to provide you skin the needed nourishment to stay wrinkle free and have a great complexion.