Dehydrated skin is a skin condition in which the skin loses all its moisture. This mostly happens when the skins intracellular matrix lacks adequate moisture runs out to keep it lively. This is largely the fault of climates, electronics like heaters and air conditioners , and especially due to cold weather that dries up moisture much faster. Taking hot showers can break down the lipids in the skin and the soap you use might contain chemicals that rob the skin of its moisture. Those who have sensitive skins are most likely to have dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin causes a series of problems such as:

Dehydrated Skin

As the moisture in your skin keeps on reducing it eventually starts to crack this is a very serious issue for those worried about aging. This means that the dermis is losing its elasticity and gradually will start to wrinkle. Its ability to heal slows down considerably and becomes uncomfortable. This is followed itchiness at random times, this mostly happens where skin has becomes so dry a clear flaky line becomes visible.

Dehydration is Unhealthy

Skin to keep its elasticity needs moisture, without elasticity the skin starts losing its elasticity. Extremely dehydrated skin can cause Psoriasis. This is a chronic condition that happens when too much dehydrated skin starts piling up which turn to critically scaly skin. Contacting a physician is advised.

Dehydrated Skin Is Unattractive

It’s obvious to say no one like skin with crakes and flaky lines. The dull, lifeless and barren skin just feels uncomfortable to look at. Due to reduced production of collagen and elastin these are highly to change in to wrinkles sooner of later. Constant scratching can cause inflammation and red itchy patches.

It’s important to keep in mind as you age your bodies ability to produce oil will also start reducing. The amount of moisture stored reduces and the time it takes to shed increases greatly. Thus we need a product the revitalizes and moistens the skin. Luckily Skin Deva Skincare Serum is a product that moistens and revitalizes the skin from the inside. Thanks to its immense hydrating power of hyaluronic acid it penetrates deep within the skin revitalizing it directly up from the dermis so you can have clear, moist and soft healthy skin even as you grow old.