Aging skin a big problem:

A simple question that has been asked throughout the age’s “ Why does skin age? “. Are the wrinkles and dull skin unavoidable no matter what? Is there anything we can do to stop signs of again appearing so readily? Fortunately after years of research skin deva has been perfected bringing you timeless beauty, wrinkle free skin and fairer skin tone in the shortest time possible.

Reason 1:Intrinsic Aging

Intrinsic aging is the aging mechanism built in your DNA it’s impossible to reverse it from the core and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. As your grown older your body starts going to change on a microscopic level, causing the collagen and elastin that give your body it’s elasticity and youthfulness start to break down. The continuous destruction of these two fibers causes your skin to lose its elasticity and starts sagging, wrinkles start to appear and facial lines such as crow’s feet are formed.

Reason 2: Extrinsic Aging

This is the second type of aging that is caused by the multiple surrounding environmental factors that speed up the process in which collagen and elastin break. This in turn speed up intrinsic aging thus, damaging the skin even more. Harmful environmental factors include ultra – violet rays from the sun, exhaust fumes and cigarette smoking destroys efficiency of skin cells making the production of collagen and elastin slower. This leads to aging even faster.

Reason 3: Collagen, Elastin, and Less Efficient Skin Cells

By the destruction of collagen and elastin slower and skin cells the body can’t maintain its elasticity as the balance of producing collagen and elastin slower and being destroyed goes off balance causing aging to occur more visibly.

The Final Reason : Age Signs

The skin slowly starts to break down bit by bit due to reduced skin cell-regeneration and elasticity. The skin starts deteriorating. Like when an elastic is plastic wrapper stretches when pulled but doesn’t return to its original form. The same thing happens to the human body and we start so wrinkle and our facial lines become more evident.

A Solution

Aging can be countered by increasing the rate at which skin cell regenerate so as to balance out the deteriorating of collagen and elastin. But the question is how? Luckily with the help of Skin Deva Skincare a product the accelerates the regeneration rate of skin cells anti- aging can be greatly reduced and you can have wrinkleless skin even at the age of 40.